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-北京龙腾易捷物流有限公司One Week Left to Register -- Don't Miss Out!
必威-The all-virtual 2021 ESA Annual Meeting is right around the corner, and it is jammed full of the scientific, professional development and key networking content that you're looking for.

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Need Funding?

Need Funding?

Limited opportunities still exist to apply for a registration grant (to cover Annual Meeting attendance) or dependent care grant (to cover caretaking costs). Apply today!

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TEK Webinar Series

必威-TEK Webinar Series

The next webinar in our series from the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Section: Steve DeRoy and integrating western science into Indigenous knowledge processes. Watch recordings of past webinars here!

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New Issues in Ecology

New Issues in Ecology

'The Ecology of Rural Roads: Effects, Management and Research' is now available for download! This series explores important ecological insights into problems. You can explore all back issues too!

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Journals & Publications

  • Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

    Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

    Predators like the gray wolf (Canis lupus) provide humans with ecosystem services and disservices. These can be both direct, such as wolf-related tourism and livestock losses, as well as indirect, including the regulation of elk (Cervus canadensis) populations and reduced opportunities for elk hunting. In the June issue of Frontiers, Gilbert et al. discuss how conservation outcomes can be improved when resource managers and other decision makers account for such indirect “predation” services in models that aim to assign economic value to carnivores.

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  • Ecology


    Multiple anuran species engage in acoustic signaling in the Nhumirim region of the Pantanal wetland, Brazil, making this an ideal system to investigate the acoustic structuring of assemblages. Pictured is a male Physalaemus albonotatus vocalizing in a freshwater pond with aquatic vegetation locally known as Baia. In their study published in the July issue of Ecology, Sugai et al. highlight the multivariate nature of the acoustic dimension and suggest that phylogenetic niche conservatism and public information use may underlie the overall pattern and variation observed between assemblages.

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  • Ecosphere


    To quantify how individuals modulate their behavioral activities when facing the extreme seasonality of the high-Arctic and how this might affect life-history events, Chimienti et al. collected high-resolution accelerometer data, over an entire year, from seven muskox females (Ovibos moschatus) with different reproductive statuses. Behavior of individuals showed clear seasonal patterns with distinct signatures depending on survival and reproductive status. Mortality events followed drastically reduced time spent foraging and searching for food during winter, while parturition events were associated with marked behavioral shift s around parturition with a clear reduction in foraging behavior and increased activity. Their results are published in the June issue of Ecosphere.

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  • Ecological Applications

    Ecological Applications

    The secretive European fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) is among the main victims of the recently emerged fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal). In their study published in the July issue of Ecological Applications, Beukema et al. use a hierarchical modeling framework to explore Bsal landscape epidemiology, present invasibility predictions for Western Europe, and provide research recommendations to advance future conservation and mitigation efforts. The salamander depicted here is part of a thriving Belgian population that, despite occurrence in humid, forested conditions ideal for Bsal, fortunately remains free of infection.

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  • Ecological Monographs

    Ecological Monographs

    With ongoing global change, landscape structure changes are expected to be a driver of extinction rates of temperate zone ectotherms. In a study by Rozen-Rechels et al. in the May issue of Ecological Monographs, the authors conclude that changes in water availability, coupled with rising temperatures, might have a drastic impact on the population dynamics of some ectotherm species.

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  • Bulletin


    The July issue of the ESA Bulletin continues the Human Dimensions series, highlighting the work and mission of different ESA sections. Iuliano et al. trace the past, present, and future of the Agroecology section, and how agroecology overlaps with other stakeholders in the world of ecology (and beyond).

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